Meilenwerk February 2013


And as promised, here are some picture from my latest trip to the Meilenwerk. I just got the 30/1,4 and had to test it somewhere.. so.. what better place right around the corner than that?

The next update will either be some more results of toying around with either of the new Sigmas during February, or a potentially bigger one in march, when I get back from the Geneva Autoshow!

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In this short update I just want to let you know about some changes in my gear:


  • Canon EF 50mm 1.8


I liked the quality the 50/1,8 delivered for the money, but I just couldn’t get warm with the focal lenght. The 30/1,4 is the direct replacement for that and I really like it so far. I was lacking a telelens ever since I sold my 75-300. And was looking into something with maybe a little bit better aperture or stabilizer, or in a perfect world both, but that comes at a price I can’t really afford right now, so I went for a compromise and got the Sigma 100-300/4. And because this is some seriously heavy glass now (~1,45kg / 3,2lbs), I obtained a Cullmann Monopod for simple support.

Also: A new couple of pictures from the Meilenwerk taken with the Sigma 30/1,4 will be online soon, so stay tuned!